Cornish produce

We live in a great county. Cornwall has a temperate climate, some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world and some of the finest produce in Europe. Attention is beginning to be given to our incredible chefs, including Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainsworth, both of whom use fresh local Cornish produce where possible to generate their incredible food.

Around the St Agnes area and along the north Cornish coast farmers grow a varied range of brassica crops including cauliflower, calabrese and savoy cabbage, many different varieties of potatoes, and many other types of vegetables and soft fruit, depending on the season.

Cornwall’s relatively mild winters mean the farmers and growers can continue to harvest fresh quality vegetables where other parts of the country cannot. This means that fresh Cornish produce can be found nationwide throughout the winter months, contributing considerably to the Cornish economy. This climatic advantage also means that Cornish flower growers can supply beautiful narcissi and daffodils to the rest of the UK earlier than other regions

Whatever the weather, we are very proud of the fresh quality produce we grow in Cornwall and hopefully you can enjoy the result of our hard work as it journeys from our fields to your plate.